About Us

hop|mobility is striving to minimize roaming costs, and provide our end users with up to 85% savings in call costs, with coverage in over 150 countries.

Conceived in 2012, and founded in 2013, our dynamic team has quickly grown and now we operate from several locations around the world.

Our management team comprises of Telecom and Banking industry experts with over 70 years of total mobile and finance experience.  In spite of our rapid growth, we still continue to work with dedication and passion, always striving to innovate, in order to launch new competitive products and quality services our customers expect.

Our mission is for our customers to pay for local calls at local rates in the country they are travelling to.

We have also kept busy, constantly innovating to improve our global network and reducing costs, and it continues, with our Multi Mobile Number SIM Card, which has the ability to store over 20 local mobile numbers, with even the ability to have them changed whilst on the move.  Now that’s innovation.